Collagenius Hair Growth 180 Laser Helmet

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Key Features
  • A pain-free, clinically proven LED Light Therapy treatment to stimulate hair growth naturally, without expensive repeat visits to spas
  • Features a whopping 180 laser diodes - more than double that of its closest competitor
  • Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) penetrates into the hair follicles to stimulate the cells and encourage new hair growth
  • Easy to use and rechargeable – no wires or cables to hold you back during use so you can go about your business
  • Encourages inactive follicles to reactivate and begin the process of new hair growth

Red LED Light Truly Stimulates Hair Growth

Yes, that's right; red light therapy definitely works, and it’s backed by a plethora of published research.

The Collagenius Hair Growth 180 Helmet delivers safe, concentrated wavelengths of natural red light to your skin to encourage hair growth from the roots with no harmful UV rays, chemicals, or excess heat. These red wavelengths of light stimulate the ‘power generators’ (mitochondria) of the cells to kickstart the cells into growing new hair by reaching deep into the follicles. In a similar way to natural sunlight, these red LED lights reduce oxidative stress, increase circulation, improve physical function, speed the healing process, and lower inflammation & pain. They also have a major stimulating effect on the dermal papilla cells, which play a vital role in the hair growth cycle.

What is the Hair Growth Cycle?

Your hair has 3 growth cycles, Anagen, Catagen, and Telogen, also known as the growth phase, transition phase and the resting phase; let’s take a closer look at these phases.

Anagen: The Anagen, or, Growth Phase lasts approximately 3 – 5 years which is the length of time it takes for your hair to reach its full length, normally between 18 and 30 inches. For Asian people, the hair can reach lengths of up to 1 metre with the Anagen phase taking up to 6 years!
Catagen: The Catagen, or, Transition Phase is short and sweet lasting only around 10 days; your hair is no preparing to enter the final phase of its lifecycle.
Telogen: The Telogen, or, Resting Phase is the phase at which we say goodbye to our longest serving hair strands! They are released and fall out during the Telogen phase during washing, brushing or styling. The hair follicle then remains inactive for 3 months, after which time the whole process is repeated…. In healthy hair cells.

At any given time 10-20% of your hair is in the latter two stages of life. The Collagenius Hair Growth Helmet stimulates the hair follicles to re-enter the Anagen phase

What Causes Hair Loss?

If you are one of the 13.4 million men and women in the UK alone experiencing thinning and hair loss, you undoubtedly want to know why. On the grand scheme of things, perhaps hair thinning, and even loss is a trivial matter, but to you, the sufferer; it is heart-breaking. Sufferers feel such a sense of loss over their depleting hair that their confidence can take a nosedive and deep feelings of sadness can set in. But why does it happen?

There are various factors that contribute to hair loss including:

  • A family history of male or female pattern baldness
  • Hormonal changes such as pregnancy (and post-pregnancy) hormones and the menopause
  • Thyroid problems
  • Medical conditions such as Alopecia
  • Medications and chemical-based cancer treatments such as chemotherapy

Collagenius is a cost-effective, long-term solution for treating hair loss and thinning in individuals who have recently noticed a depletion in their hair thickness and regrowth. It is not designed for individuals who are bald and have had extreme hair loss for a prolonged time as the cells will likely be completely dormant.

You can use your Collagenius any time of day in the comfort of your home without any wires holding you back. The battery is fully rechargeable which means you can get on with some housework or make a sandwich and a cup of tea whilst Collagenius gets to work giving your hair follicles the boost they need!

This effective home treatment is non-invasive, 100% harmless, and cost-effective when you compare it to other hair loss therapy options on the market today, and it features a whopping 180 laser diodes, far surpassing its closest competitor (with only 80 diodes) to give your hair follicles a powerful blast of medically proven red laser light.

Get the fuller, thicker and healthier locks you have been dreaming of with the revered Collagenius Hair Growth 180 Laser Helmet. 

More Information
Programmes1 Pre-set programme lasts 25 minutes
Recommended ForClinically proven to reduce hair loss, improve the condition of hair and stimulate new hair growth
Included ContentsCollagenius Laser Helmet, UK USB plug, USB charger cable, Quick start instructions
CertificationCE Marked
PowerRechargeable Lithium-ion battery (charger included)
Warranty2 Years
User Manual

For Instructions for use, please click here


Quick Start Guide


Clinical References

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AdjustableOne size that fits all
Size26.6cm x 19.4cm x 13cm
Washing InstructionsClean with a damp cloth
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