Collagenius LED Light System for Skin Care

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Key Features
  • LED light therapy device to treat a range of skin conditions
  • Large tri-folding lamp covers a large surface area and is suitable for the whole body
  • Choose from red, yellow, or blue light treatment depending on your condition and area of treatment
  • LED light is clinically proven to activate cells and rejuvenate the skin, boosting the skins own ability to repair and to produce collagen
  • A suitable beauty treatment for the whole family: treat teenage or adult acne, scarring, sun damage, rosacea and reduce the signs of ageing and cellulite with every use!

Let LED Light Therapy Become the Light of Your Life

As you will have discovered on our ‘What is Light Therapy?’ page, LED light is an incredible and 100% natural treatment for a range of skin complaints and conditions. Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) is used around the world, not only for aesthetic enhancement but extensively for its ability to help the skin in its healing process. LLLT stimulates the cells to produce collagen, which is vital for the treatment of skin damage (such as burns and scars) and plumping out wrinkles and fine lines.

Furthermore, an increase in collagen production can firm the skin in cellulite-prone areas, reducing the appearance of cellulite and giving you a more toned looking skin tone.

Comprehensive LED Light System Offering Full Body Skin Treatment and Improvement

Due to its size, the Collagenius LED Light System can target large surface areas such as the buttocks, thighs, and stomach. It has a sturdy stand for placement on a desktop so you can use it hands-free with ease, all over the face and body. The device utilises 3 different LED lights, all of which are specialists in their own area of expertise. We’ll take a look at their individual benefits below:

Yellow light helps to rejuvenate the skin, accelerates wound healing, improves blood circulation to the skin tissues for faster recovery and helps to reduce redness

Red light greatly boosts collagen production to noticeably reduce any signs of cellulite or ageing and help the skin heal following an injury such as burns or those caused by picking at spots 

Blue light is a miracle for sufferers of acne. It penetrates deeper than any creams or lotions ever could to eradicate acne-causing bacteria. It helps to balance oil production and reduce redness associated with skin that is irritated in people of all ages

The combination of each of these lights helps your skin build healthy new cells making it ideal for anyone with troublesome skin; whether that be due to acne, sun damage, ageing or cellulite - Collagenius has the answer.

This outstanding LED device features a whopping 420 LED lights for full and vast coverage of every area of the body. Its tri-fold design guarantees even coverage of the skin, and - brilliantly - every LED is surrounded by a mirror which increases illumination by up to 130%!

How To Use Your Collagenius LED Light Therapy Device

LED light therapy is totally harmless, so there are no strict restrictions on use. We believe that a 20-minute session daily for the first 2 weeks is the perfect start. As you begin to see your skin improve, you can reduce this to one or two weekly pampering sessions to maintain beautifully healthy skin. Use just one colour or a combination of different colours if you have skin that is affected by more than one issue. And remember, the treatment is harmless, so if you wish to bask in the glow for longer than 20 minutes, feel free.

Peace of Mind with the Collagenius 2-Year Guarantee

With Collagenius you receive a standard 2-year guarantee against any manufacturing defects that impact the efficacy of your device. So assured are we in the quality of our products, that this guarantee comes as standard with all Collagenius products in the range. With quality products, comes a quality guarantee that gives you peace of mind that your hard-earned money is protected if anything should go wrong.

More Information
ProgrammesProgramme 1- 10 minutes (all 3 light colours), Programme 2- 8 minutes (yellow and red light)
Recommended ForLED light therapy lamp that offers skin care for wrinkles, acne and much more
Included ContentsTri-folding lamp, protective goggles
PowerUk mains plug (included)
Warranty3 Year
User Manual

For Instructions for use, please click here


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AdjustableCan set to perfect position so you can be comfortable when using
HeightUp to 43cm (17")
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